Specialist Concrete Installation Derbyshire

Swimming Pool Construction continued………

The next phase of the construction of the swimming pool required Specialist Concrete Installation.  This project particularly,  required  careful planning in the construction,  due to the pressure the water would create once filled with water.  For this reason reinforced mesh was laid on the concrete blinding to give strength to the structure.

Reinforced Mesh for Specialist Concrete Installation                 Reinforced Mesh for Specialist Concrete Installation

The next phase of this Specialist Concrete Installation required Pumped Concrete to be laid over the mesh.  This created the floor level from which ‘shuttering’ was constructed to form the concrete sides of the pool.

Shuttering-for-Specialsit-Concrete-Installation                   Shuttering-for-Specialist-Concrete-Installation

Within the sides of the shuttering more steel reinforced mesh was used to to give the concrete structure more strength.  There are pressures from the water in the pool and the ground pushing inwards.  Concrete was then pumped within the shuttering to form the sides of the pool. See the next post……………

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