Indian Stone Court Yard Matlock

Indian Stone was used to transform a dilapidated back yard to create a lovely, clean and bright patio area.  Aco drains were incorporated to take any surface rain water away.  Once the old concrete was removed, levels were made up with well compacted road stone.  The surface was prepared before the Indian stone was laid onto a mortar screed.  The joints were then pointed with a non cracking material.

See the before and after completion images of this revitalised Indian Stone Court Yard Matlock…….another challenging project for Alan Bailey Groundworks and another very Happy Customer!

Preparation groundworks Matlock
Preparation groundworks Matlock
Indian Stone creation Alan Bailey Groundworks
Indian Stone creation Alan Bailey Groundworks
Indian Stone Courtyard Matlock
Indian Stone Courtyard Matlock
Preparation groundworks in progress Matlock
Preparation groundworks in progress Matlock








Local supplier of Indian Stone used here by the customer is Pennine Paving – please click the link below for more information



Concrete Shuttering for Swimming Pool Derbyshire

Swimming Pool, concrete shuttering………the next phase

Concrete Shuttering for Swimming Pool Derbyshire

Within the sides of the shuttering more steel reinforced mesh was used to to give the concrete structure more strength. There are pressures from the water in the pool and the ground pushing inwards. Concrete was then pumped within the shuttering to form the sides of the pool. See the next post……………on Facebook or this website!

Concrete shuttering-specialist installation
Concrete shuttering – specialist installation
Construction Concrete Swimming Pool
Construction Concrete Swimming Pool
Specialist Concrete Shuttering
Specialist Concrete Shuttering

See the link above for the suppliers of concrete for the swimming pool project

Septic Tank Installation

A ‘Klargester ‘ Septic Tank installation in the Staffordshire Moorlands area. This is connected to the soakaway system. Various sizes of septic tank are available to suit the size of the property.
Local stockist: Lester Lowe Ltd and Hangar 4 – both in the Ashbourne area

This is a conventional septic tank which is connected to a ‘soakaway’.  The tank will require emptying periodically by an approved  environmental service contractor.

Septic Tank Installation
Septic Tank Installation

For domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage, the BioDisc  sewage treatment plant provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs. Ideal for locations where discharge is to a sub-surface irrigation (soakaway), or to a suitable watercourse – approved by the Environmental agency and where a septic tank will not meet the required standards 

Septic Tank Staffordshire
Septic Tank Staffordshire


Klargester Septic Tank
Klargester Septic Tank                                                                             

Cast Concrete Swimming Pool Derbyshire

Alan Bailey Groundworks complete the Cast Concrete Swimming Pool in Derbyshire,  ready for the next specialist rendering company to waterproof the pool structure before tiling commences.  Plastic pipes created voids within the cast concrete walls for the installation of pool lighting.  We used A Mix to supply the concrete, having their own concrete pump, necessary for this particular project. 

Cast Concrete Pool Derbyshire                 Cast Concrete Swimming Pool

Cast Concrete Derbyshire

Specialist Concrete Installation Derbyshire

Swimming Pool Construction continued………

The next phase of the construction of the swimming pool required Specialist Concrete Installation.  This project particularly,  required  careful planning in the construction,  due to the pressure the water would create once filled with water.  For this reason reinforced mesh was laid on the concrete blinding to give strength to the structure.

Reinforced Mesh for Specialist Concrete Installation                 Reinforced Mesh for Specialist Concrete Installation

The next phase of this Specialist Concrete Installation required Pumped Concrete to be laid over the mesh.  This created the floor level from which ‘shuttering’ was constructed to form the concrete sides of the pool.

Shuttering-for-Specialsit-Concrete-Installation                   Shuttering-for-Specialist-Concrete-Installation

Within the sides of the shuttering more steel reinforced mesh was used to to give the concrete structure more strength.  There are pressures from the water in the pool and the ground pushing inwards.  Concrete was then pumped within the shuttering to form the sides of the pool. See the next post……………

Listed below are links to some of our suppliers:



Excavation for Swimming Pool Derbyshire

Recently Alan Bailey Groundworks completed an excavation to create a Swimming Pool in Derbyshire.

Excavation for Swimming Pool IMG_1071       IMG_1074

An existing concrete base was broken up using a  Hydraulic Breaker.  The rubble was then removed using our mini digger and dumpers.  Once the site was cleared the pool dimensions were marked out  ready for excavation.

Drainage Stone to line the pool base           Drainage Stone compacted for pool base






Concrete Blinding for pool base

Upon completion of excavation, a layer of drainage stone was compacted.  The pool base was then blinded with concrete for a level working area.  Swimming Pool construction continued…….

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New Garden Steps – Ashbourne Derbys

An addition of garden steps, using Bradstone grey paving slabs has made an easy access to the elevated lawn area.

To see the huge difference the addition of the garden steps have made to this garden landscape,  we have shown the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images below

Garden Steps                               New Bradstone Garden Steps


To complete the attractive addition of the new garden steps created using Bradstone Silver Grey Paving Slabs, yellow sandstone rockery stones and blue slate have been used to compliment the project.  The customer is now able to easily utilise the upper lever of their garden.

The solar garden path lighting can be purchased from numerous retailers including Costco, Argos, Amazon, John Lewis, Homebase……….

Please see the link below for Bradstone Products


New Patio Inspiration for Your Home

Now is the time of year we all look forward to spending more time in the garden and enjoying the fresh air.  An addition of a new patio creates another special space to eat drink and be merry with family and friends!  There is plenty of hard landscaping to choose from sandstone, concrete, limestone, granite or slate but the Indian natural sandstone still seems to be the most popular.  The stone can be laid in various patterns to create many different finished appearances.  To see more ideas please either look at our ‘Useful Links’ page or click this link

York Stone                                                                              Indian Stone

Patio_York_Stone_Ashbourne                   New Patio Indian Stone

Indian Stone and Pavers

New Patio Inspiration                    New Patio Inspiration

To discuss your patio possibilities please contact us by email or phone

Indian Sandstone Paving Ashbourne

Yet another superb transformation using Indian Sandstone Paving.  The existing unstable old concrete slabs were removed to create a beautiful Natural Indian Stone Patio.   Laid correctly, this impressive addition to the exterior landscape of the house will be enjoyed for years.

To see our latest customer testimonials please click on the Derbyshire Trusted Trader logo on our home page

The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images of this project – Could your property be enhanced by this transformation?

Concrete Slab           Indian Sandstone Paving

Indian Sandstone Paving is available in many colours.  Before you finally choose your paving look at the sample wet and dry!   Here are just a few of our nearest stockists

Indian Stone Snelston Ashbourne

Indian sandstone has become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years as a domestic patio or driveway product. Due to its strength and versatility coupled with its natural beauty, it is often the chosen product with many homeowners to produce functional yet stylish spaces for family and social use.

Here we show how a space can be totally transformed using Indian Stone Paving

The Existing Courtyard – old concrete


The existing concrete was removed and the site was brought up to level with road stone.

Indian Stone Ashbourne

The Indian Stone was laid on a bed of washed sand and cement mix. Once the slabs have been laid the complete area is pointed with Geofix. This picture shows the slabs after rainfall which enhances their natural beautiful colours.

An Aco drain was installed to take away the surface water